Help us get back!

How will the boys ever survive in Ye Olde Hood without TIKTOK or SNAPCHAT…?



“Boys in Ye Olde Hood” is an open-world, action role-playing, NFT game that takes place in a medieval fantasy Metaverse. It is based on a cartoon series created by two friends who met in high school.

It follows the adventures of four urban high school teenagers and a crackhead who get lost in the kingdom of Ye Olde Hood after falling through a portal generated by a random, alcoholic, portal-pistol-whipping scientist.

The boys soon realize they must adapt to the new world around them and work together to survive. Utilizing their limited modern-day tech along with the mysterious resources of the land, the boys are on the biggest quest of their lives to find a way home.



Here is our Roadmap till selling out! After sell-out is when the real work and adventures begin!

Phase 1 – 0%

Come hang out and explore Ye Olde Hood. We will be raffling 5 BNYOHs once we reach 10,000 members on Discord as well as 5 BNYOHs to our most active members on Twitter and Discord.

Phase 2 – 25%

Release our first animated TikTok/Short! We will airdrop 5 BNYOHs to 5 lucky token holders. We will also begin community polls and suggestions for upcoming videos and game.

Phase 3 – 50%

1 Super Rare BNYOH NFT will be airdropped to a lucky token holder and 2 Prizes of $5000 will be sent to 2 Lucky NFT Holders. We will begin development of Ye Olde Hood game!

Phase 4 – 75%

We will be airdropping 10 BNYOHs to 10 lucky token holders and sending 2 prizes of $10,000 to 2 lucky token holders. We will begin looking for meta verse property! We will also begin community polls and suggestions for metaverse world.

Phase 5 – 100%

We have sold out! Ye Olde Hood has been unlocked. Time to save the boys!



We’re just simple youths stuck in a not so simple time

We miss the way things used to be. This place. This time. Everything about it is so….olde.


Joey is “that guy” who never leaves his hometown after high school and hangs around the school bragging about his accolades, which are zero to none. He lives a fantasy life of a successful rapper with limitless accessories, which no one has ever seen.


Crack is a homeless millennial, who has been made paranoid by conspiracy theories, and thinks the government reeks of lies. His best friend is Mr. Deodorant, who is literally just a stick of deodorant. Crack constantly follows the boys around and warns them about the illuminati in hopes of being their friend, but none of the boy’s care or pay attention to him.


Blake is the contentious type that always has a witty comeback which often gets him into trouble or sent to the principal’s office. If there were a protagonist in the group, it would be Blake. Blake is the one who pulls the crew together, even though he constantly calls out Joey on his BS and hates Crack with all his heart.


Frank the Tank is your average overconfident, mirror-crazy, self-proclaimed Superman. Frank is not the type to give anyone the shirt off his back, but he will take his shirt off just to be shirtless in front of a mirror. His dialogue is usually irrelevant to the conversation and solely structured around himself.


Most of the tech that the boys rely on in Ye Olde Hood is thanks to Carney’s backpack full of gadgets. He has the highest GPA of the crew and is the only one that would have graduated with honors. Carney’s intelligence has gotten the boys out of difficult situations on multiple occasions and is a key value to the boy’s survival in Ye Olde Hood.


Coming soon…..



Here’s a few of what we have so far

We can’t wait until you guys can start minting these! More designs on the way!

The Hunter
Mad Scientist
The Warrior
Not All Out Of Bubblegum
Ya Yeet

Meet The team


The number eight on Joey’s football jersey is a play on pun for “he just ate”

Blake Seratto

Dreadlocks have been said to look like poop and Blake has them because he can be a little shit head at times.

Franklin POrtofino (Frank)

Frank the tank loves looking at himself in the mirror day in and day out

Carney Park

Carney has a backpack and a lot of pockets in his pants which seems to have a never ending amount of tech that he pulls out and uses in ye olde hood


Crack carries deodorant because he thinks the government reeks of evil